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Insurance Services Questions

Can I save money on my existing insurance?

Insurance premiums are everywhere: Health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance cost us much of our disposable income. In analyzing these coverages, often, we can find ways for clients to save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. In about 30 minutes, we can review your existing coverage at no cost to you and determine if and how much you can save in insurance spending each year. Call us to schedule an appointment to review your coverages.

Do I need insurance?

Some insurances are mandatory, such as car insurance, and others are optional, such as life insurance. Each person has a unique insurance profile. Insurance needs vary greatly between one individual and the next. Insurance protects us from minor to catastrophic events that could happen during our lifetime. One of our services is to have an in-depth conversation about your existing coverages or where there might be holes in your program. With more information you can make better informed decisions about your insurance needs. Please schedule a no cost insurance review to see if your insurance plan is right for you.

Is my family at risk?

If you died, became disabled, or had an extended illness, how would your family pay their bills and expenses? When something unfortunate happens, you still have to pay the rent, mortgage, school loans, and other costs of living. The burden of paying these bills will fall on your family if you are not there to help. Life, disability, and medical insurances can provide funds to your family to pay for these expenses, right when you need them. One of our services is to determine how much coverage you need to make sure your family remains comfortable if something happens to you. Schedule a no fee consultation to review your existing insurance situation and better protect your family today.

I need insurance

We can help. Our areas of expertise include life, disability, and medical insurance in addition to planning for a long-term illness. Insurance costs can vary greatly from one company to the next. We are affiliated with many different insurance companies and can get competitive quotes from many different carriers in an attempt to find you the insurance you need at the best price. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your individual insurance needs.

Questions on Retirement Planning

I’m ready to retire

Congratulations! You are almost there. Some of your most important financial decisions are directly ahead of you, such as, when to apply for social security, choosing health coverage, and selecting the best investments for your retirement.

Depending on your age, lifestyle, and how much you have accumulated for retirement, your retirement picture may look very different from other retirees. Let us help you navigate your unique situation.

When can I retire?

"The average retirement age in the United States is 66 years old, although 74% of Americans said they plan to keep working after retirement."*

Retirement is not an age or a date on your calendar. Retirement arrives when you have the financial ability to leave the workforce. You can retire when your available sources of income are sufficient to fund your retirement lifestyle.

Possible income sources include savings, investments, pensions, Social Security, retirement accounts, and business income. Let us help you determine when you can retire.

*Kiczalis, Mark, et al. “17 Retirement Statistics You Should Know in 2021.” MagnifyMoney, 30 Sept. 2021,

How much do I need to retire?

"The average American feels they need to save $1.9 million for retirement."*

How much you need to retire depends on how much you need to spend on fixed expenses and how much you plan on spending on hobbies, travel, and entertainment. Some people spend more money in retirement, while some people spend less. What does your retirement lifestyle look like? Your retirement savings is only one factor in determining how much you need to retire. Once you have defined your spending needs and income sources, you can then calculate your retirement savings number. Let us help you calculate your number.

*Kiczalis, Mark, et al. “17 Retirement Statistics You Should Know in 2021.” MagnifyMoney, 30 Sept. 2021,

I’m already retired

"The average American will retire at age 66 and live until nearly 79.12 However, for many, retirement will last much longer than 13 years. The numbers are skewed by the number of individuals who die relatively young."*

Most retirees worry about outliving their money. There are a variety of risks lurking around your retirement plan that can have a negative impact on how long your money will last. These risks include, but are not limited to, poor investments, high investment management fees, uninsured health risks, financial emergencies, and living too long. If you would like a complimentary review of your current retirement plan, please call us to see if any of these risks will affect your ongoing retirement plan success.

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Questions on Estate & Tax Planning

I have an estate plan

Many people have either started or completed an estate plan. The federal and state governments change their tax laws frequently. It is possible that your estate plan is out of date or may not work as intended. Estate planning attorneys generally advise their clients to review their estate plans every three to five years or after any major life changes. One of our services is to perform a no fee estate plan review to make sure your estate plan is up to date.

What is an estate plan?

"More than 50 percent of Americans have talked about estate planning, but fewer than half have done anything about it."*

Your estate is what you leave behind when you die. Estate planning is the difficult process of deciding how and when your assets will be distributed. If you have not planned properly to distribute your assets it is possible that those decisions may be made by others. Every estate plan is unique. Wills, trusts, power of attorney, living wills, and guardianships are all tools in developing a proper estate plan. Please call us for a no fee consolation to begin the estate planning discussion, to see if any of these tools would be right for you.

*“2019 Survey Finds That Most People Believe Having a Will Is Important, but Less than Half Have One.”,

I don’t have an estate plan

"When asked why they don’t have a will or living trust set up, the number one reason given [by U.S. Adults] was that they “just hadn’t gotten around to it."*

You’re not alone. Most people we speak with have not established an estate plan. As part of our regular service, we help clients understand what will happen to their assets when they die and help them to establish a proper estate plan. Call us to begin a conversation about your unique estate plan.

*"When asked why they don’t have a will or living trust set up, the number one reason given [by U.S. Adults] was that they “just hadn’t gotten around to it."

Can I reduce my taxes?

Many people feel they are paying a considerable amount in taxes. Some people pay income, property, sales, estate and/or inheritance taxes, as well as tax penalties and capital gains. There are many tools individuals can use to reduce their current and future tax liability. Some examples of these tools include retirement plans, tax loss harvesting, HSAs, tax free bonds, proper estate planning, and charitable giving. Please give us a call to perform a tax analysis to see how much you may be able to save.

Questions on Investment Management

I need help managing my investments

"60% of non-retirees who hold self-directed retirement savings accounts, such as a 401(k) or IRA, have little to no comfort in managing their investments."*

The difference between success and failure in your long-range investment plan often comes down to managing the details. The landscape can be confusing when researching stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and deciding which investment vehicles are the best to help you on your financial road.

Here, at Raymond Wealth Management, we specialize in helping people align their investment portfolio with their objectives and meet with our clients every six months to stay in tune with their ever-changing financial life. We can review your existing investments and analyze them with your objectives in mind to see if you are on the right path. Call us for a no fee consultation to review your existing portfolio.

*Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2018. BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. (n.d.). Retrieved November 24, 2021, from

I am not happy with my current investments

"70% of Americans say their financial planning needs work."*

There are many reasons that people are unhappy with their existing portfolios, including but not limited to, high fees, poor performance, and antiquated products. To pinpoint what you are not happy with, you must first fully understand all of the aspects of your current portfolio. From that point, you can then compare your existing investments to alternatives that may be a better fit. Call us for a no fee consultation to help you understand your current portfolio.

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I would like a review of my current investments

Life goes on and moves fairly quickly. Here at Raymond Wealth Management, we meet with our clients every six months to review their investment portfolios, and more importantly to keep up with all the changes life throws your way. Constant contact with our clients ensures that we are there to help them navigate important financial decisions as they arise. Reviewing and monitoring your investment portfolio is a core service that should be performed on a regular basis. Call us for a free consultation to review your existing portfolio.

I want to learn about investments

"More than 75% of Americans say they are stressed about their money, J.D. Power found, and 35.5% have less than $1,000 saved across checking, savings, retirement and other investment accounts."

Whether you are an investment novice or a seasoned expert, you may have questions about investments that range from basic to complex. At Raymond Wealth Management we make sure that our clients understand exactly what they need to know to make sound investment decisions. When it comes to investing, the best decisions are made by the most informed. Call us for a no fee discussion to advance your investment education.